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Message from the MEPRA Chair

We have a lot to celebrate here at MEPRA: our organization is larger than ever before, our partnerships are thriving, our events are drawing more attention than ever before, and our geographic reach has grown exponentially. It's no secret that we've had to battle hard to leave the pandemic hiatus behind us, but now we can confidently move forward and make great strides in industry development.

To this end, we're proud of the success of several key initiatives – including the MEPRA Arabic Awards, expansion into KSA, and our rebranding efforts. Our members have grown in number and commitment; in 2022, we organized a plethora of impressive academy sessions, Youth Board meetings, and networking opportunities. The regional communications industry is on the rebound, with clients and agencies mirroring the strategies of many global players. We're seeing significant investments made in influencer marketing, social media community management, digital builds, multi-media content creation – even AI automation and virtual reality! Creativity is paramount as well as crisis counsel for tackling important social issues such as sustainability/ environmentalism/mental health. Plus, we are increasingly working from home with remote working capabilities.

For the coming year, MEPRA's strategy consists of three key points: Reach (expanding Chapter membership in KSA & Qatar); Solve (addressing standardization issues via hackathons); Teach (via workshops & seminars on topics like ‘What Media Really Want’). Beyond this - increased engagement with Arabic speaking audiences through webinars & mentorships; enhancing knowledge sharing resources; and leveraging the COP effect that will see an unprecedented media focus on UAE region overall!

In conclusion – join us today if you're looking to become part of something bigger. Let's do this together - collaboration is welcome!

By: Kate Midttun, MEPRA Chair, Founder and CEO of Acorn Strategy

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