Greener Home

Memac Ogilvy

Green Riyadh wanted to celebrate Saudi Arabia’s National Day in a meaningful way while staying close to its values and core mission.

We developed the concept, “Greener Home” — a campaign which included volunteers and the general public to gather on-site, in a desert land, near the airport, to plant tens of thousands of local trees in the shape of the Kingdom’s map across 170,000 sqm. The permanent landmark would, in time, be visible for passengers flying in and out of Riyadh airport.

During the event, 16,150 trees were planted, across 170,000 meters squared. On the website, we secured 68,941 visits, generating 119,889 website clicks and creating 60,623,379 impressions. On social, there were 3,088 likes, and influencers generated 400+ ReTweets and 1.5 k likes. In PR, we secured 25 clips and over 14 million reach during the pre-event phase of the campaign, where we were trying to maximise awareness