Hill+Knowlton Strategies with Facebook Inc.

Facebook’s first-ever global, cross-app Ramadan campaign; designed and delivered by Hill+Knowlton Strategies Middle East
Inspired by the success of Instagram’s 2020 Ramadan campaign #MonthofGood, conceptualised by Hill + Knowlton Strategies (H+K), the global
communications leadership of Facebook Inc. challenged H+K to develop a Ramadan campaign for its suite of apps: Facebook, Instagram,
Messenger and WhatsApp. For the first time in Facebook’s history, the tech giant wanted to run a global Ramadan campaign in Muslim
majority and minority markets across Asia, and the Middle East as well as Europe and North America, reaffirming its stand on diversity and
Following a global pitch, Facebook selected H+K Middle East’s campaign #MonthofGood because of its simplicity of insight which focused on
tapping in to naturally occurring behaviour delivering a seamless experience across all apps throughout the Holy Month.