The Official SUV of Action: The All-New Chevrolet Tahoe

Weber Shandwick MENAT & Chevrolet Middle East

Knowing that authenticity was key to success, Weber Shandwick MENAT recruited traditional media to spearhead the campaign, instead of the brand. From bespoke, action-packed curated experiences with lifestyle press, to leveraging the voices of established auto experts, we prioritized video content, underpinned by a steady narrative reinforcing off-road credentials that continuously proved that the Tahoe was an exceptional vehicle for adventurers.

The approach was so successful that, when a potential crisis popped up, the strategic roll-out continued with only minor tweaks, to balance out the narrative and continue to drive positive results. In fact, journalists acted as unofficial ambassadors for the Tahoe, vouching for its off-road credentials, providing a red thread of authenticity throughout the campaign.

The campaign achieved exceptional PR and business results, including the highest Q1 results for GM in 2021, with the Tahoe alone driving 22% of these overall sales.