Welcome to the Kitchen Challenge

Weber Shandwick MENAT & McDonald's Kuwait

For McDonald’s, fostering and investing in local talents is a core value. But in Kuwait, cultural values and perceptions have made that challenging. Kuwaitis simply do not work at McDonald’s. At least not behind the counter or in the kitchen.

After an initial McDonald’s Kuwait national employment campaign got a conversation going and a handful applications, Weber Shandwick MENAT enlisted five recruits and made them the heroes of a mini documentary showcasing our Kuwaiti employees and highlighting what working at McDonald’s was actually like.

The heartfelt, emotional tone of the video – capturing the anxiety, the nervousness and ultimately the sense of pride and accomplishment of getting your first job – was contrasted purposefully with the more dynamic, lively and exciting action of the kitchen and the restaurant.

We saw real perception shifts and McDonald’s Kuwait received over 1,000 CVs in the first week, leading to a system overload!