2017 Awards

The 2017 Middle East PR Awards


Committed to communications excellence – The Middle East Public Relations Awards Program is an annual celebration of creativity and innovation in the public relations and communication industry.

MEPRA’s Awards Program is the leading public relations awards program in the Middle East. It’s a credible program judged by peers and acknowledges the best in class – those practitioners at the top of their game. By winning an award, a team is motivated to excellence, elevated by its peers and attracts business, as well as future talent. Independent, rigorous and fair, MEPRA’s Awards Program puts public relations on the map. Our multiple best practice categories, team and individual awards highlight the depth and breadth of public relations and recognize achievements from across a range of disciplines and sectors.

Awards achieve a number of goals: Peer recognition, professional credibility, a benchmark for regional performance, personal and team motivation, acknowledge excellence in best practice leads to improved work standards, act as a drive for growth among winning agencies and demonstrate the value in-house public relations teams can add to a business.

View the full list of the 2017 winners here.

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