• RFPs – are they worth the effort?

    If you are involved in running a business, size notwithstanding, chances are you will have encountered the Request for Proposal (RFP) process as part of your business development effort. On the surface, this age-old tradition will appear to be a standard practice for soliciting bids from potential contractors or suppliers for specific projects. However, if... Continue reading

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    Sang Lee , Raya Hamad Alsereidi and Samar Ben Romdhane * College of Mass Communication, Ajman University, Ajman P.O. Box 346, United Arab Emirates; s.lee@ajman.ac.ae (S.L.); 202020275@ajmanuni.ac.ae (R.H.A.)* Correspondence: s.benromdhane@ajman.ac.ae Abstract: Research into gender dynamics in the Public Relations (PR) industry has suggested that the gendered perceptions of PR roles, gender bias, and cultural norms... Continue reading

  • Winning over Gen Z, the new tide in social commerce

    Over the past decades the emergence of a new generation has always been interesting and sometimes intriguing. The millennials have been succeeded by Gen Z – a tech-savvy tribe that thrives on the Digital revolution. Gen Z is the pulse of social commerce, they have strong values and demand social accountability from business and industry.... Continue reading

  • Why Mentoring Programs are a corporate asset

    It cannot be emphasized enough that employees are the biggest asset of any organization in any industry. With almost all industries facing an ever-increasing competitive landscape, the need for sourcing and retaining diverse talent is becoming more pronounced. To remain ahead of the curve, companies must make a concerted effort and devise programs not only... Continue reading

  • MEPRA hosts largest-ever awards with more than 500 guests and a record 56 categories awarded in its 20th anniversary year

    MEPRA hosted its largest-ever Awards edition last night attended by more than 500 in-person guests. The event saw 88 agencies and in-house communication teams finalists battle it out to win across a record 56 categories. The Awards ceremony saw Gambit Communications take home Small Agency of the Year and the inaugural Home-Grown Agency of the... Continue reading

  • 2022 MEPRA Board Elections – Nominations Open

    MEPRA is looking for passionate MEPRA Members in the Middle East region who are committed to leading key initiatives for the communications industry, which focus on promoting standards of excellence Continue reading

  • Introducing TikTok Stories

    Introduction Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories and the very short-lived Twitter Fleets, leaves out TikTok, but not for long. TikTok is now planning to launch a new ‘stories’ feature on its viral app soon. Why it will be launching? When the news first broke on Twitter, everyone’s first thought was that TikTok is already... Continue reading

  • Campaign Middle East: The Growth of an Industry

    As MEPRA celebrates its 20th anniversary, those who have chaired the industry body talk about its inception, challenges and growth. Download the latest edition of Campaign ME Magazine to read the five page feature with our past and present Chairs. Click here to download – pages 12-16 Contributed by Campaign Middle East Continue reading

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Mentoring Programme

MEPRA’s Mentoring Programme matches experienced senior communication professionals with communication practitioners in the Middle East in the early stages of their career for a period of 12 months.

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