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In addition to our trainings and workshops, we’re proud to introduce our very own mentorship program and B-Hive competition – initiatives that aim to enhance the skills of both junior and senior professionals.

Chartered Public Relations Practitioner status is a validation of your skills, qualifications and experience. Thanks to a partnership with the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations, MEPRA Members can now seek a Chartered status, which offers the same standing as experienced professionals in other industries.

This benchmark of professional excellence and integrity, offered under the CIPR’s Royal Charter, represents the highest standard of knowledge, expertise and ethical practice.

As well as reflecting your breadth of experience and academic achievements, Chartered status demonstrates your commitment to life-long learning. It shows that you keep pace in a fast-moving profession, updating your knowledge and skills through continual professional development.

The application process enables you to self-evaluate your professional journey, identify the challenges and opportunities ahead, plan for your future and drive your career forward.

Benefits of attaining Chartered status:

  • Demonstrate to your peers that you have met the rigorous criteria set out for Chartered status.
  • Enjoy greater influence within your organisation and in the profession.
  • Gain a professional competitive edge and enhance your career prospects.
  • Reassure prospective employers and clients that you practice to the highest standards.
  • Chartered Public Relations Practitioners are entitled to use the designation Chart.PR and a supporting logo

How to apply

You can begin a new application at any time. The application process has 3 stages:

How long does it take to become a Chartered Practitioner?

You can progress towards Chartered Practitioner status at your own speed. You can make a stage 1 application whenever you are ready. At stages 1 and 2, we issue results within 4 weeks, enabling you to progress your application at the next stage if you wish.

Stage 3 Interviews take place on various dates throughout the year. You can book in advance if you wish to complete in a specific timeframe, or wait until you have completed stage 2.


The Chartered Practitioner status is accredited and awarded by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations which charges the following fees:

  • Stage 1: £50 + VAT
  • Stage 2: £150 + VAT
  • Stage 3: £300 + VAT

Stage 1: Statement of Experience

 To begin your application, please complete your Statement of Experience. This is an extensive form which you may find helpful to print and review before submitting.

When you are ready to submit the form, you will first need to pay the application fee of £50 via PayPal.

Once your payment is completed, proceed to your Statement of Experience. This is a fillable PDF. Note: Do not attempt to open and complete in your browser. Instead, do the following:

  1. Right-click on Statement of Experience and choose ‘Save link as’ or similar from the menu.
  2. Save to your desktop or another location.
  3. Open the file in Adobe Reader and fill in all the fields.
  4. Click on the ‘Save’ button or select ‘Save as’ from the ‘File’ menu.
  5. Edit the filename to include your membership number and click on ‘Save’.
  6. Email the form as an attachment to

Stage 2: Written paper

Candidates who have successfully completed Stage 1 can move on to submit a Stage 2 paper.

Suggested topics

The scope of these is broad and reflects the diversity of public relations work:

  • reflect critically on the profession
  • consider the contributions of public relations to society with value beyond mere financial reward
  • explore the value of a code of conduct in practice or the attitudes and ethical policies that would need to be evident to create a role model for the profession
  • celebrate innovation, influence, strategic development or change initiation
  • give examples of how public relations has made you proud of your skills and knowledge, and why others’ use of it has made you feel concerned, embarrassed or even ashamed
  • describe what public relations is when someone practices it with knowledge and expertise at Chartered level.

You can also choose a subject area of your own, as long as it provides the best illustration of your suitability for Chartered status.

Your Stage 2 paper should be between 3,000 and 4,000 words and submitted in MS Word format.

If you quote someone else’s work, you must reference the following:

  • name of author or speaker
  • title of publication or event name
  • page number or date of event.

Once your paper has been successfully uploaded, you will be prompted to pay the application fee of £150 + VAT through PayPal.

Submit your Stage 2 paper

Stage 3: Interviews

Stage 3 involves a panel interview with two experienced Chartered Public Relations Practitioners who are established assessors. The interviewers ask questions based on your statement of experience and written paper.

Interviews take place on various dates throughout the year. You can book in advance if you wish to complete in a specific timeframe, or wait until you have successfully completed Stage 2.

Book an interview

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Help with your application

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