MEPRA Academy: NEW training courses launched


MEPRA Academy is offering four brand new training courses in May facilitated by international experts on hot industry topics. Each course will help communication professionals at any level grasp the new trends and changing communications landscape facing the world of PR today.

MEPRA is delighted to announce four new training courses for the region’s public relations professionals across Dubai and Abu Dhabi in May, as it get set to expand its MEPRA Academy later this year.

May’s MEPRA training courses begin with a course on Corporate Social Responsibility, a key strategic concern for many organisations during this Year of Giving in the UAE. The course will focus on developing strategies that create tangible benefit for both society and brands.

Jennifer Bell, an award-winning UK correspondent and former senior editor at The National, will then host a session on writing skills, a core competency for industry professionals.

Later in the month, MEPRA will run a course on using data effectively to drive digital communications strategies. Data collection and measurement are critical to demonstrating the value of public relations campaigns and securing budgets in challenging economic times.

The final MEPRA course of the month will focus on content-driven social media campaigning with speakers from Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Last year’s MEPRA Benchmark survey found that social media campaigning had overtaken traditional media relations to become the largest business area for the regional public relations industry for the first time.

Three of the four courses will be held in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi to provide easier access to training and development for the hundreds of communications professionals working across the UAE.

Each course will be recognised within a Continuous Professional Development framework, developed in partnership with the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), and part of the Academy expansion later this year. All training delivered by MEPRA will count towards becoming a CIPR and MEPRA Accredited or Chartered Public Relations Practitioner.

To register for a training course, please email or register online through our training events page.