Mentoring Programme

MEPRA’s Mentoring Programme matches experienced senior communication professionals with communication practitioners in the Middle East in the early stages of their career for a period of 12 months.

The programme is designed to help communication professionals in their career development by connecting Mentees with an experienced professional to provide a new perspective, insights ideas and become a sounding board for any professional growth. Discussions could cover industry issues, career progression, upskilling advice, and/or any other topic as mutually agreed by the mentor and the mentee at the beginning of the programme.

The Mentor & Mentee relationship can be virtual, so no matter where you are based in the Middle East, you will have the ability to join the programme if you are a MEPRA Member.


For more information, read through our programme guideline here

To apply to be a Mentee or Mentor, complete the applications below and email to

MEPRA Mentor application form (click here to download)

MEPRA Mentee application form (click here to download)



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