Entry guidelines

The 2017 Middle East PR Awards are now CLOSED  for entries!

Please read carefully before submitting your entry

The Middle East Public Relations Awards are open to all parties involved in the use of public relations for communication purposes; public relations consultancies, freelancers, in-house communications departments, digital agencies and media owners.

Where both the consultancy and the in-house team wish to enter the same project, the entry must be tailored accordingly ie: written from the perspective of the client or the consultancy and will be judged separately.

Organizations can submit multiple entries into all of the categories so long as the entries are re-tailored to the relevant category.

Companies or individuals may submit entries on behalf of themselves or others. It is the entrants’ responsibility to seek and ensure permission has been granted for the right to use the intellectual property of the brand or client entered. For categories recognizing the performance of teams or consultancies rather than individuals or campaigns, financial and other figures should relate to your most recent financial year.

Campaigns must have taken place between August 2016 and July of this year.
For ALL categories, your submission is limited to around 1,000 words (excluding your 300 words overview)
Note: You will be required to type in your content (text only), following the below frame, into the relevant fields in the submission form (more information on the new Online Submission System coming soon).

Submissions should follow & include the below elements:

Sector & Service, Technique Categories

Identification of issue & Objective Setting (15%)

Was the issue/challenge identified and explained clearly both from a business and communication perspectives?
How were the objectives set?
Were the objectives relevant to the original challenge/issue?
Research (15%)

Was any research done?
Was the research adequate & appropriate?
Was a variety of data from different sources considered?
Strategy & planning (25%)

Was there a clear strategy outlined?
What was the rationale behind the strategy?
Is the tactical plan reflective of the strategy?
Execution (25%)

How faithful was the execution to the original plan?
Did you or your team demonstrate capable progressive and creative execution where relevant?
What makes the execution of this campaign stand out?
How effective were they in overcoming unforeseen challenges?
Where influencers were engagement, were individuals stated and whether payment was made?
Was any paid media used to supplement the campaign?
Results & Evaluation (20%)

What was your evaluation method and why?
Please include outputs, outcomes, KPIs and metrics (traditional, digital & social)
If relevant, please highlight any challenges you faced in the evaluation process
For the Best Use of Influencer Category: Please disclose clearly if/which influencers were paid to post or join this activity/campaign. If influencers have been paid, please provide a wider context to the campaign to explain what makes it award-worthy (Ex: Were they used in an original/creative/pioneering way?)

Individual & Teams Award Categories

Agency of the Year & In-House Team of the Year

Performance (25%)

Delivery – retained clients, project delivery
Operations – policies, systems, control
Structure – individuals working well together
Client Servicing (25%)

Satisfaction – happy, long relationships, praise from clients
Systems – procedures, reporting, feedback
Team (25%)

Satisfaction of team members, happiness, low turnover
Assessment – structured, regular, transparent
Development – clear career paths, training,
Overall (25%)

Contribution to organization as a whole
CSR, community activities
Passion for their work, for excellence
The Dave Robinson Awards for Young Communicator of the Year (Maximum 30 years old by 1st October 2017)

Performance (25%)

Delivery – projects, activities, within scope, budget
Operations – follows policies, systems, controls
Structure – individuals working well together
Stakeholder Management (25%)

Satisfaction – happy, long relationships, praise from clients
Systems – procedures, reporting, feedback
Team (25%)

Relationship with co-workers
Assessment – from line-managers
Development – commitment to continuous learning
Overall (25%)

Contribution to organization as a whole
CSR, community activities
Passion for his/her work, for excellence
Your main submission can also be submitted as an attachment (pdf format).

You will also be able to upload up to 3 supporting documents in any of the following formats: pdf’s, images, videos

Showcase your story!

– Shortlisted entries will be given the opportunity to submit a 30 second video edit, which will be shown on the night (winning entries only) – video edits are NOT mandatory!

– If shortlisted, you will also will get the chance to submit a 1-page digital storyboard (PDF), which highlights the campaign. These will be displayed on screen during the shortlist announcements in each category.

Entry Process

The Middle East PR Awards will be hosted on our new online Awards Management Platform!

Entry cost: AED800 for MEPRA Members / AED1,000 for non-Members

For any enquiries please email us on community@mepra.org – we wish you all the best!