Podcasts from MEPRA Connect on B2B PR

These are the presentations from our September 16 MEPRA Connect in Abu Dhabi. Please find talks from: 1. Jacob Drake at Edelman 2. James Holmes at Limelight PR

  • 45 words every PR professional needs to know

    Did you ever hear a word at the office and wondered what it meant? Here's a great list published by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) of commonly used words in public relations and what they mean. Continue reading

  • So you need PR… Now what?

    "Your launch story might not make the cover of the Wall Street Journal. This does not mean that your agency isn’t doing their job. Be realistic in your expectations, listen to your agency partner about other opportunities, and be confident that as your campaign builds, that one day you might well be featured in that elusive publication. Public relations can make dreams come true…" Continue reading

  • We are in a decade where communication is flourishing like never before

    "For companies and brands that have something real, emotional and powerful to say, it is worth adopting a new anatomy for brand storytelling and employ people who know how to hold an audience – journalists, writers, animators, film makers with real experience as storytellers. Effective storytelling is not about the brand. The best stories embody the brand, its attitudes and promises… brands must turn themselves into stories." Continue reading

  • Storytelling in Sq.m.

    "I am a big believer in the power of experiential communication. To be truly effective, many elements need to come together – architecture, environment, technology, and of course, the story. And usually after it's all done, and you do the ribbon cutting, handshakes, smiles and photos, the work truly begins to bring the space alive. " Continue reading

  • Young Emiratis using social media intensely

    Two professors at Zayed University’s College of Communication and Media Sciences in Abu Dhabi have conducted research that finds young adult Emiratis are using social media intensely. Using a survey given to more than 250 university students ages 18 to 32, Buie and Bulla found that 72 percent of the respondents use social media at least 21 hours a week. Continue reading

  • Planning your career in communication

    "How many of us treat the next job like a lottery, putting our career out to chance? It’s extraordinary when you think about it. We spend 75 per cent of our week at work, we see our colleagues more than our loved ones and it’s the main source of our income. We talk to friends about work; we moan, complain and celebrate but do any of us really know where we’re going with it?" Continue reading