Our vision

To be the unique voice that represents the public relations and communication profession in the Middle East.


Our mission

We seek to raise awareness and build understanding of public relations in the Middle East, both as a profession and as a driver of organizational reputation. We do so by promoting industry standards, sharing knowledge and thought leadership and building the capabilities of professionals in the region.


Our promise

We are committed to driving growth and setting standards of excellence in the public relations and communication industry in the Middle East.


Our values


We promote the public relations profession and serve the interests of the communication industry by helping shape discussions on core principles, trends and standards.


We are committed to advancing the public relations industry in the region, while nurturing the professional development of individuals.


We partner with leading institutions and public relations experts to share knowledge through a wide variety of resources for communication professionals in the region.


We operate with the highest professional and ethical standards, and encourage integrity and respect to be at the heart of every interaction in the communication community.