Gulf Bank – Communicating like a partner, not a bank


In Kuwait, the Central Bank restricts the number of banking relationships an individual can have with their primary bank leading to a market of same-ness. Gulf Bank had a choice; either continue to exist in this state of limbo, or disrupt like a true challenger brand.

We repositioned the Bank to connect with the hearts and minds of Kuwaitis. Constructed with 2 simple words; Maakum Doum (literally translated as Always with you), when put together, delivers a powerful positioning & promise. It connotes a bank that believes in the success, ambition, dreams and future of its customers.

All product communication, continued to deliver on the Maakum Doum promise, as well as inspired innovative product development.
The Bank has successfully.

The positioning helped build a distinct personality, resulting in a successful customer acquisition & engagement. The Bank remains committed to ensuring the success of customers. It remains committed to its promise; Maakum Doum.