Whale Sharks in Qatar

Memac Ogilvy

Qatar has a strong focus on sustainability, working to safeguard the biodiversity of its waters. Northeast of Qatar, hundreds of whale sharks congregate annually. In a bid to showcase Qatar’s diverse wildlife and conservation efforts, Memac Ogilvy and Qatar Tourism spotlighted recently developed eco-friendly tours to see these shy creatures whilst respecting their environment.

To effect this, we decided to emphasize the beauty of these animals through different types of content on Visit Qatar’s Instagram page to our wider audience, including on International Whale Shark Day, to encourage healthy habits to not harm the ocean and the animals that reside in it.

The whale shark excursion did extremely well on Instagram. As one of Qatar’s hidden gems, it was a new offering which local and international audiences did not know about, and it connected Qatar’s commitment to sustainability with travel seamlessly, showing how Qatar is safeguarding habitats for its wildlife.