Webinar: Supporting your team through mental health challenges


MEPRA x Re:Set hosted a dialogue on how companies can create and develop wellness and mental health support practices for employees.

With the mental health challenges COVID-19 has brought, people have been more anxious, stressed or are feeling a sense of loss. This webinar addresses these topics and looks at tangible solutions on what employers can do to better support the well-being of their team.

Re:Set is your everyday partner for stories and resources on mental health, well-being, education, parenting and inclusion. Since its last launch last year, the team has focused on powerful stories that impact individuals in the UAE and across the globe and provided free resources to the community. Our idea behind Re:Set Dialogues is to foster a safe space to have conversations on topics that are often stigmatized or misunderstood and bring together people and stakeholders to share their lived experiences, address the challenges and provide solutions.


Moderator: Aakanksha Tangri, Founder, Re:Set
Sophie Simpson, Founder and MD, Atteline
Aamnah Husain – Counseling Psychologist in Dubai, German Neuroscience Centre
Bianca Riley, Account Director, Atteline