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The MEPRA Workplace Wellness Programme is FREE for all MEPRA Members. To receive access to the programme please email the MEPRA team at

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While the importance of mental wellbeing amongst PR practitioners has rightly risen to the top of corporate agendas over recent years, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need for accessible, practical support for the industry in the Middle East.

MEPRA’s COVID-19 Mental Health Impact Survey conducted in April 2020, revealed that more than a third of our industry’s professionals felt they were not well supported by companies with regards to their health and wellbeing. Almost half of respondents revealed that challenges regarding their mental health had often interfered with their ability to complete work-related tasks and a third asked for direct support in training for management and leadership to better equip them to handle employee issues.

The MEPRA Workplace Wellness Programme has been developed to help support organisations and individuals so they have the tools to prioritise mental wellbeing. The programme provides a holistic approach to supporting our industry professionals and it’s FREE for all MEPRA Members. Contact us at or call us on +971 54 494 0555.

Click here to watch our latest wellness webinars on Coping with Anxiety and Depression and Providing Mental Health support at work.


The programme includes:


✓ A 24/7 mental health support hotline which provides access to professionals in English & Arabic. Read more here.

✓ An online mental health support portal available in English & Arabic, which provides access to support materials, resources, self-assessments and a call back function. Read more here

✓ A Peer-to-Peer Support Group offering a friendly face for members to share their experiences, challenges and struggles. Read more here.

✓ A wellness webinar series covering training and support for managers and employees as well as general wellness sessions. Find upcoming webinars here.

✓ A Workplace Wellness Toolkit developed in partnership with Re:Set which helps you implement an internal wellness programme tailored to your team. Plus access to our Workplace Wellness Advisor, Re:Set Founder Aakanksha Tangri who can help provide additional one-on-one support.




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