Business-to-Business – Streamline Marketing Group with Four Communications

Here are the public submissions from Streamline Marketing Group and Four Communications, winners of the Gold Award in the Business-to-Business category, which was sponsored by Impact Hub Dubai. Streamline presented their case study at our MEPRA Connect event in Dubai on January 25, 2017. #Podcast #Presentation #SubmissionVideo


Podcasts from MEPRA Connect on B2B PR

These are the presentations from our September 16 MEPRA Connect in Abu Dhabi. Please find talks from: 1. Jacob Drake at Edelman 2. James Holmes at Limelight PR


See why ‘they’ won at our MEPRA Connect in Dubai

For our first MEPRA Connect you will meet our award winning Members Cicero & Bernay and Streamline Marketing. Between them they racked up a half-dozen crystals at last year's award ceremony. Here you'll hear the secrets for their success.