Business-to-Business – Streamline Marketing Group with Four Communications

Here are the public submissions from Streamline Marketing Group and Four Communications, winners of the Gold Award in the Business-to-Business category, which was sponsored by Impact Hub Dubai. Streamline presented their case study at our MEPRA Connect event in Dubai on January 25, 2017. #Podcast #Presentation #SubmissionVideo


Podcasts from MEPRA Connect on B2B PR

These are the presentations from our September 16 MEPRA Connect in Abu Dhabi. Please find talks from: 1. Jacob Drake at Edelman 2. James Holmes at Limelight PR


See why ‘they’ won at our MEPRA Connect in Dubai

January 25, 2017 @ 8:30 am - 10:00 am -

For our first MEPRA Connect you will meet our award winning Members Cicero & Bernay and Streamline Marketing. Between them they racked up a half-dozen crystals at last year’s award ceremony. Here you’ll hear the secrets for their success.