2017 MEPRA Awards – Consumer Services Gold Award: Memac Ogilvy


Huawei FUT BOT

Entry Overview:

Recent research shows that the average person today is exposed to over 5,000 messages per day, from brands, advertisers, and people. Cutting through the clutter is hard enough, and that goes for one-way communications. But what do you do when you need to have a two-way conversation with your customers? That’s an entirely different story.

This was the key challenge we faced when our client Huawei came to us with a brief for its 2017 FUT campaign. The campaign goes as follows: Before Huawei rolls out the Android software across its devices, it makes beta versions of it available to select users. These users test out the software, provide feedback and report any issues or bugs they ran into, and then Huawei fixes its software in time for the official launch.

The success of the campaign depends entirely on getting as much high quality feedback as possible. Our challenge: figuring out how to maximize both the quality and quantity of user feedback, which Huawei could then use to perfect its Android operating system.