How to #BEAWINNER at the #MEPRAwards2016 Q&A, Podcast and Presentations


Thank you so much for joining us last Wednesday - please find the podcasts, presentation and Q&A from our seminar.


How many agency of the year categories are there – and why isn’t there a small or medium-sized agency of the year category?

We’ve tried that. Three years ago we tried to have a small, medium and large agency of the year. We found that the Agency of the Year title lost it’s value so we went back to one Agency of the Year. These criteria suit a small, medium or a large agency.

When you are Agency of the Year it doesn’t matter how big the agency is or your turnover, it’s all on percentages.

As long as you can verify you have a low turnover of clients, low turnover of staff, a highly effective campaign, that’s what you get judged on. It’s not how much money you make and it’s not how many staff you have.

Evidence of staff development is impressive whether you are small or large agency.

Is it the same panel of judges assessing this (Agency of the Year) as the other awards?

No, the Agency of the Year is judged by non-agency judges to ensure impartiality. This is also the same for the young communicator categories where the Young Communicator of the Year – Agency is judged by non-agency judges and vice-versa.

Is the video limited to 30 seconds for Agency of the Year as well?

There is a 30 second video edit which we need for the stage, but you can also submit a longer video as part of your 5 supporting documents. The 30 second video is not counted as one of your 5 supporting documents – it is an additional element.

Are you looking for us to structure our entries as per the entry criteria?

It’s up to you – this is only meant as guidance and we don’t enforce this structure.

For the Young Communicator is it only for the work in the last year or an accumulation?

It can be an accumulation for the young communicator. Because they are young communicators we don’t expect them to have dozens of years of experience. So your submission can be for work carried out over a period of 2-3 years.

When you are in a junior position, you don’t often get the chance to lead a major project and so you want to highlight someone who has worked above and beyond the call of duty.

A lot of the evidence for young communicator of the year would be anecdotal – is that suitable to submit?

It’s still an entry for an award. It may have different criteria, but you should put it together in the same way as you do with other entries. Some people are entered with a gimmick, some with a video, some as a PowerPoint. It’s up to you how you think it’s best to showcase your employee.

Download the presentation shared by Carine Duvignaud Presentation for the Awards

Download the presentation shared by Alicia Ludwig – Hill+Knowlton, Gold Winning Campaign for Flash Entertainment

Download the digital storyboard and 30sec video case guidelines here.