MEPRA Youth Board’s top tips when working from home


Contributed by Jennifer Love, Brazen MENA – MEPRA Youth Board President

During this unprecedented time where we find ourselves working remotely at home and practicing social distancing, one can feel displaced as daily routines have completely changed.

Here are some tips on how to stay motivated, mindful, positive and productive at home:

  1. Start your day as you normally would and try to integrate your normal routine as you would before you leave for work i.e. exercise, shower, breakfast

  2. Be ready to start work in line with your normal working hours so as to keep consistency

  3. Create a desk space that you feel comfortable in with few distractions

  4. Keep a large bottle of water nearby – hydration is key to helping concentration

  5. Make a daily to do list like you would do in the office

  6. Take normal breaks and use the time to enjoy the comfort of home, listen to your favourite new podcast or make a delicious lunch from scratch instead of ordering in

  7. Keep in regular contact with your colleagues – set up WhatsApp groups and use Microsoft Team/ Zoom so you can easily video conference call one another

  8. Make sure you have a great playlist with uplifting music to work away to

  9. Keep abreast of all the news and from reliable sources – and make sure you’re alerting clients to relevant stories while also brainstorming how best to apply breaking news to clients’ agendas

  10. Finish work on time and ensure you have a switch off routine – go for a walk and take no devices with you