• Employee engagement: Feel-good exercise or essential to the business?

    "The formula is simple, if the initiatives support the business while addressing the employees’ concerns; we are instantly strengthening trust, which in turn boosts employee engagement. Employees who perceive their leadership as highly trustworthy, credible, and qualified tend to be more loyal and likely to better advocates of the organization." Continue reading

  • #MyDubai creating the world’s first autobiography of a city

    “The best marketers of a city are the people who live in it,” said DTCM’s Director-General, H.E Helal Saeed Almarri. “And through DTCM’s involvement in #MyDubai, it is our intention to showcase the best of the city by curating images, videos and stories of residents experiencing the events, attractions, hotels, restaurants and other elements of our destination offering." Continue reading

  • More than 100 years of Public Relations

    "Public relations is an exciting and dynamic profession – misunderstood by many, but understood by a great deal more who appreciate individuals who can engage with audiences to deliver results. Public relations requires hard work, long hours, exceptional people skills, years of training and hands-on experience, and sometimes a bit of pure luck to get the job done!" Continue reading

  • Sharing economy’s not just for twits

    "But could the public relations business itself be transformed by the sharing economy? Clients seeking creative ideas can already get pitches directly from 160,000 freelancers through Crowdspring, rather than consulting a traditional PR agency." Continue reading

  • So you need PR… Now what?

    "Your launch story might not make the cover of the Wall Street Journal. This does not mean that your agency isn’t doing their job. Be realistic in your expectations, listen to your agency partner about other opportunities, and be confident that as your campaign builds, that one day you might well be featured in that elusive publication. Public relations can make dreams come true…" Continue reading

  • We are in a decade where communication is flourishing like never before

    "For companies and brands that have something real, emotional and powerful to say, it is worth adopting a new anatomy for brand storytelling and employ people who know how to hold an audience – journalists, writers, animators, film makers with real experience as storytellers. Effective storytelling is not about the brand. The best stories embody the brand, its attitudes and promises… brands must turn themselves into stories." Continue reading