MEPRA Launches The Academy

MEPRA Academy to focus on providing a range of courses to communications professionals to support their career growth and development.


GlobCom 2016 “Building Global Communication Networks for a Cause”

May 22, 2016 @ 9:30 am - 5:30 pm - The College of Communication and Media Sciences is hosting the 14th annual GlobCom symposium under the title “ Building Global Communication Networks for a Cause” on May 22, 2016 at the Zayed University Convention Centre, Abu Dhabi. GlobCom in an annual international student competition that culminates with a concluding  symposium. At the event, the students, [...]

  • Success in Public Relations is five characteristics away

    Are you just starting your career in communication? In this article, Matthew Harrington, Global COO at Edelman, discusses the importance of embracing these five characteristics when starting your career in public relations, some of which include curiosity and stepping out of your comfort zone. Continue reading

  • So you need PR… Now what?

    "Your launch story might not make the cover of the Wall Street Journal. This does not mean that your agency isn’t doing their job. Be realistic in your expectations, listen to your agency partner about other opportunities, and be confident that as your campaign builds, that one day you might well be featured in that elusive publication. Public relations can make dreams come true…" Continue reading

  • Young Emiratis using social media intensely

    Two professors at Zayed University’s College of Communication and Media Sciences in Abu Dhabi have conducted research that finds young adult Emiratis are using social media intensely. Using a survey given to more than 250 university students ages 18 to 32, Buie and Bulla found that 72 percent of the respondents use social media at least 21 hours a week. Continue reading

  • Developing your young writers

    "I think many younger employees believe seniors can sit down and produce perfect text in half an hour. By sharing how long it takes you to write, how much you appreciate the input of colleagues, how many amends some of your texts have undergone, you can help more junior writers set clearer expectations for themselves. And be realistic. Be patient. Young communicators in the region often come from an education system that rewarded length and complexity in writing. They may have a lot to un-learn." Continue reading

  • Planning your career in communication

    "How many of us treat the next job like a lottery, putting our career out to chance? It’s extraordinary when you think about it. We spend 75 per cent of our week at work, we see our colleagues more than our loved ones and it’s the main source of our income. We talk to friends about work; we moan, complain and celebrate but do any of us really know where we’re going with it?" Continue reading