MEPRA Connect Series – Exclusive Member Content!

The Middle East Public Relations Association organises monthly networking events where professionals can share best practice and case studies with their peers in an open and friendly environment. In 2015 we will be inviting all the winners from the Middle East Public Relations Awards to share their campaigns, to help inspire others and promote creativity in the industry. This content is exclusive for Members of the Middle East Public Relations Association and we kindly request that you do not share these recordings with non-members.

  • Storytelling in Sq.m.

    "I am a big believer in the power of experiential communication. To be truly effective, many elements need to come together – architecture, environment, technology, and of course, the story. And usually after it's all done, and you do the ribbon cutting, handshakes, smiles and photos, the work truly begins to bring the space alive. " Continue reading

  • Why we communicators need to do more to leverage off digital

    "Today, anyone can now easily share, comment and create content. The growth of mobile has also transformed how we interact. We live in a region with some of the highest penetration rates globally for smartphone ownership, where individuals own multiple phones and regularly upgrade." Continue reading